Partnership opportunities

Looking to the future

Our mission is to create a ‘Greenway’ – a corridor of native biodiversity Greendots between the Waimakiriri and Rakaia rivers, linking the mountains to the sea and Te Waihora / Lake Ellesmere. We hope this increase in biodiversity and habitat will eventually enable the kākāriki to return again to the Canterbury Plains. 

It’s a huge goal, but we are steadily making progress, and continually looking to the future to ensure we maintain momentum. By partnering with us, you can make a tangible difference to our environment while helping to connect our local community.

Do you have a large piece of land to retire?

With more than one hundred Greendots now established including two large legacy sites, we are searching for large sites with potential to become significant steppingstones in our Greenway. A substantial planting located in the centre of the Canterbury Plains would be an enormous boost for biodiversity and our mission. If you too are thinking big and would like to leave a legacy for future generations, we would love to hear from you. 

Setting aside land for native restoration not only makes a phenomenal contribution to biodiversity and the environment, but also provides an opportunity for the community to come together. Large scale planting projects make it possible for local school children to become involved through our educational Kids Discovery Plantout programme, and public events give local volunteers the chance to come together and effect change.


Can you help us with resources?

If your business or organisation is looking to make a positive environmental contribution that can help support our work, please get in touch. Whatever resources or links you may have, we are open to any ideas.  

Types of resources you may have access to could include:

Can you help us tell our story?

We would like to raise the profile of our trust and the work we do by telling our story through a short film or documentary. Through sharing our story, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of restoring indigenous vegetation on the Canterbury Plains, attract further funding to support our planting work, and encourage landowners to plant on their properties.

While our work is in the Selwyn District, we know there are other groups around Aotearoa New Zealand who are interested in our work and how Te Ara Kākāriki came about. We would love to inspire similar work in other regions through sharing our story. 

If you have experience in videography, photography, copywriting or running social media campaigns we would love to hear from you.

Corporate partnerships

Te Ara Kakariki has a long history of practical environmental partnerships with corporate New Zealand. We believe that working in long-term and meaningful partnerships achieves powerful social and conservation outcomes. It is our goal to treat each partnership individually. Typically a partnership includes financial support as well as employee involvement in projects. Partners can choose to support a particular project, programme, site or focus on meaningful volunteer events for your staff. 

We have experience with brand partnerships, large scale restoration projects
and community engagement. We measure our impacts and provide evidence in the form of field data, thorough reporting and storytelling.

Why you might choose to work with us: 

  • Support long term and meaningful environmental and social impact 
  • Get behind outcomes that are measurable and evidence based 
  • Enhance brand awareness, brand value and competitiveness  
  • Powerful staff engagement opportunities that can build stronger teams, enhance employee understanding of our strategy and increase staff pride in your business 
  • Generate positive, compelling stories of change within your communities of interest 


We love to get creative with our partners and take a collaborative approach to building impactful partnerships that tell a great story. Our team can work with you to find your strongest campaign alignment and co-develop a partnership that reflects your brand values and sustainability strategy.  

As a charitable trust we are dependent on the continued support of our dedicated funders. If your company or organisation would like to partner with us, please get in touch. 

Let us know your ideas?

We really value everyone’s input and support into helping us achieve our goals. Whatever you can do to help will be really appreciated and will make a positive difference.

Simply fill out the form and send us a message and we can then start the ball rolling.

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